Ballad of a Blank Page
(The Green Door Store, Brighton October 2016)

The Smell of Teatime
(Boston Arms, February 2016)

Home Movies
(The Albert, December 2015)

Ballad Of A Blank Page / Bottle Collector
(The Albert, December 2015)

The Smell Of Teatime
(The Greys, October 2015 with Evan Greer on drums)

Home Movies
(The Cavern Club, Exeter with Evan Greer on drums, October 2015)

Ballad of a Blank Page / Bottle Collector / Shooting Stars / Sundials and Weathervanes /
The Pensioner Pit / Finding Hope in Unlikely Places
(The Albert, August 2014)

People From Around Here
(Beside The Birdbath 2013)

Class War / Part Time Punks
(8 Ball, Athens 2013)

Class War / Kings and Queens
(Molli Chaoot, Amsterdam 2013)

Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart (Patrik Fitzgerald cover)
(Lord Nelson, Brighton 2013)

Little Fishes (Patrik Fitzgerald cover)
(Lord Nelson, Brighton 2013)

In Heaven
(Blyth Power Ashes, 2012)

Pigeon Lady
(Blyth Power Ashes, 2012)

Friday Night Routine
(Glastonwick Festival, 2011)

Demystification (Zounds cover with Steve Lake)
(The Albert, 2010)

Cafe, The Morning After
(The Iguana Bar, Manchester 2009)

Their Big Night
(Somewhere in Sheffield, 2009)

Survivors' Parade
(Same place in Sheffield, 2009)

Time's Kind Fingers
(12 Bar, 2008)

The Penny Watchers
(The Sanctuary Cafe, 2007)

In Heaven
(Beside the Birdbath, 2007)

(Blyth Power Ashes, 2006)

London's Grand Parade
(Poundfield Road, 2006)

Trauma Tourist
(Beside The Birdbath, 2006)

Dating Love
(The Sanctuary Cella Cafe, 2005)