We're in the process of recording our twelfth album. It's called Sundials and Weathervanes, and it's due to be released on 21st August at our Brighton launch show. Here's what's on it (though not necessarily in this order):

Ballad of a Blank Page
The Bottle Collector
The Childless Ones
Cryptic Cliffhangers
Waiting for Dandelion Clocks
Shackled to Suburbia
Party Boy Got Old
Pensioners' Pit
Shooting Stars
A Song for your Girlfriend
Sundials and Weathervanes

You can pre-order it by clicking the picture left of hereabouts - there's a heap of options, including download, CD or vinyl, T shirt and special song request album. The albums will be shipped out late August.

In other news, we'll be playing at Rebellion Festival in Blackpool on the Almost Acoustic stage on Saturday 9th August, and the Blyth Power Ashes on Saturday 23rd August. Other gigs are trickling in too.