the cravats scrapbook


x.m.p lyrics (courtesy of the shend)


pressure sellers lyrics (courtesy of the shend)


still lyrics (courtesy of the shend)


all on standby lyrics (courtesy of rob dallaway)

first demo master tape cover


first demo tape cover


early homemade gig poster


early homemade gig poster


early homemade gig poster


early homemade gig poster


redditch indicator, 23rd september 1977


axed by gordon t-shirt

"We bought a job lot of The Queen's Silver Jubilee T-Shirts, and then I hand stencilled 'AXED BY GORDON' and 'THE CRAVATS'

on them and we gave them away to mates" Robin Dallaway


redditch advertiser, 20th july 1978


redditch advertiser, 10th august 1978


redditch indicator, 1978


rob dallaways armband

One of four armbands made by Alison Lancaster. Worn at gigs and featured in photo sessions.


redditch indicator, 1978


redditch spectrum, 1978


garry bushell review

sounds, 16th september 1978


melody maker, 23rd september 1978


redditch spectrum, december 1978


redditch indicator, 1979


redditch spectrum, 1979


redditch indicator, july 1979


redditch spectrum, july 1979


alternative sounds fanzine, 1979


zig zag, january 1980


panache fanzine #12, 1980


sounds, 1980


sounds, 1980


nme, 1980


nme, 30th august 1980


sounds, 4th october 1980


sounds, 11th october 1980


sounds, 11th october 1980


nme, 18th october 1980



redditch indicator, 21st november 1980


sounds, 1st november 1980


record mirror, 29th november 1980


nme, 29th november 1980


nme, november 1980


nme, 22nd november 1980


nme, 6th december 1980


sounds, 20th december 1980


vintage shirts

(courtesy of rob gerrard)

signed poster

(courtesy of rob gerrard)


crash smash crack ring fanzine, 1980


vintage badges


adventures in reality fanzine, 1980


record mirror, 17th january 1981


sounds, 17th january 1981


nme, 24th january 1981


zig zag, january 1981


zig zag, february 1981


you're driving me press release


sounds 1981


off the beach promo cassette


promo cassette artwork


sounds, 17th november 1981


zig zag, november 1981


allied propaganda fanzine, 1981


back issue fanzine, 1981


inx blotch fanzine, 1981


panache fanzine, 1981


nme, january 1982


vinyl magazine, 11th february 1982



terminus press release


steve keaton review, sounds, 24th april 1982


mark e smith review, melody maker, may 1982


record business, july 19th 1982


record business, july 26th 1982


melody maker, july 31st 1982


smash hits, 1982


unknown fanzine, 1982


unknown review, 1982





rub me out promotional flyers


terminus promotional flyer


rub me out patch



rub me out badge


music week, 1982


unknown fanzine, 1982


panache fanzine, 1983


nme, february 18th 1984


nme, february 1984


sounds, february 1984


offbeat, 1980's


land of the giants press release




land of the giants promotional photograph


D.c.L press photograph


john peel review the observer 1986


one little indian records trade advert



part time punk, 2005


from simon reynolds book rip it up and start again, 2005


seance press release


bizzare, december 2006


alternative ulster, december 2006


big cheese, december 2006


record collector, december 2006


mayfair, december 2006


rock sound, december 2006


men only, december 2006


plan b, december 2006



the sun december 2007


publishing rights letter 2011


record collector 2012


with guitars 2012


classic rock 2012


all music 2012



letter from jello biafra


letter from steve albini

letter from jello biafra


letter from steve albini