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Grubby Stories CD

As Ugly As You
Nothing To Do
All My Friends Are Dead Now
Adopted Girl
Don't Tell Me Because I'm Young
When I Get Famous
Little Fishes
Lovers' Pact
All The Years Of Trying
But Not Anymore
Suicidal Wreck
My Secret Life
Conventions Of Life
No Fun Football
Make It Safe
Your Hero
All Sewn Up
Hammersmith Odeons
Improve Myself
The Bingo Crowd
My New Family
The Polydor Jingle



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Room Service CD

Bones In A Graveyard
Room Service
Shadow of A Man
Shangri La
Aspettando Il Verdetto
What Can I Do
Handing Out Free Magazines
Wind Outside Mansions
Sad Girl


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Floating Population CD

Don't Feel Safe
Dance Music Late Night
Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart
No Fun Football
Island Of Lost Souls
Perfect Childhood
Dressing Up In Funny Clothes
Gifts And Telegrams
Bones In A Graveyard
Dying For Someone Else's Money
One Little Soldier
A Life Sentence
Mrs. And Mrs.
Poor John
What If
10,000 Years Of Weeping
Love Limbo
Breathing's Painful
Poll Tax Payer's Street
Concrete Jungle
Shadow Of A Man
Birth Of Human Beings


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Dark Side of The Room
(Split CD with Pog)

Chains instead of brains
I don't believe
A bit of male liberation
No-one different
Sound of my street
Backstreet Boys
Without Sex
Suicidal wreck
No reason
Palace of dreams
The old dope peddler



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All Sewn Up T Shirt

White on black print

Available in M, L, XL