There's crisis on the streets of Brighton - the dead won't stay dead. It was just rumours to begin with; concerned whispers about the potential effect on property prices. Now the whole city is under siege, the military is losing control and not one of these diseased shamblers remembers it was once vegan.

Fortunately there's one seat left on the last train out of town. But whose name is on it? From the burning skyline of the South Downs to the blood splattered pebbles of Brighton beach, you must prove your worth for this lifeline to safety. You could rescue trapped survivors from burning wrecks and help ferry food to isolated settlements. You could loot every shop in sight and cosh your fellow players. You could arm yourself to the teeth (with a deckchair and a stick of rock) and take the battle to the zombie hordes.

Brighton needs you, so what are you waiting for?

ZomBN1 is the blood splattered sequel to BN1, and sees 3-6 players battling it out for the last seat on the last train out of town.

One player takes the role of up to 26 zombies that shamble around the streets, attacking survivors and overrunning the city. The other players are lucky survivors who must earn their way to freedom by rescuing trapped cityfolk, delivering food to settlements, running assorted errands and generally fighting the undead menace.

By completing these goals, each player scores points.
Once 50 points are scored, survivors must race back to Brighton Station to escape, while the zombie player must overrun it so nobody escapes ever again.

Limited to a first edition run of 1000, ZomBN1 boasts over 40 interactive destinations, almost 100 unique encounters, dozens of weapons and pieces of loot, and 6 distinctive survivors to play as.