ZomBN1 was originally released Christmas 2014 as a follow-up to the Brighton born-and-bred board game BN1. Set 10 minutes after the original game finished, it saw the city in the throes of an undead invasion. The landmarks and characters from BN1 had variously been overrun or eaten, and players competed for the last train out of town.

The combination of undead and hometown seemed pretty irresistable, and the game sold out within 18 months. Now, after a year off the shelves, here's the new and improved 2nd edition.

So what's new? First off, the box art has been completely redrawn to match BN1's 3rd edition box. Once again ZomBN1 is set directly after the relative tranquility of its predecessor, so the population of Brighton is suddenly either infected or armed to the teeth:
As for the contents, there's lots to tell you about. The cards are bigger than before (now measuring 65x100mm instead of 55x87mm), the design has been improved, and there's more of them - 245 in total. The rules have been streamlined a little, and a 2 player mode has been added. Previously ZomBN1 was for 3-6 players, with a minimum of 2 survivors being needed to play against the zombie overlord. Now, with a slightly tweaked set-up, you can play head-to-head against one other person.

Also the playing area on the board has been extended to include Devil's Dyke, where a grandstand view of burning Sussex lets you better plan your next move, Jack and Jill, where a lonely miller needs help to keep the grain flowing, Stanmer Park, where you get a chance to be a hero in the tearooms, and Lewes Road graveyard where the zombies are legion.
As mentioned above, the card decks have been beefed up a bit too, and we've included more of them. There are still the classic decks of course. The encounter deck, made up of all sorts of adventures and characters you'd stumble upon in the claws of a zombie-infested Brighton, has been brought up to date to reflect our continually shifting landscape of eccentrics, celebrities and assorted goings-on.
And of course there's the loot deck, made up of all the everyday odds and ends that have suddenly become essential tools of survival. Unlike BN1, where you spend money in shops to build up your inventory, in ZomBN1 you can smash and grab your way through the North Laine, the Lanes, Churchill Square and anywhere else with a till and a "Closed" sign in order to get yourself locked and loaded.

And if you're really lucky, you might even grab yourself a proper weapon courtesy of the occasional airdrop.
Then there's the objective deck. This is where the bulk of your points will be scored as you battle your way across Brighton and beyond. Reach your objective and you could find yourself rescuing a trapped tourist or helping a beleaguered community shore up its defences. You could find a trader to swap supplies with, or get temporary support from a local military outpost. You could rob a fledgling settlement of their food or join in with some looters as they grab the best stuff. You might be called upon to deal with a zombie nest or given the opportunity to swot up on the menace you're fancing. Whatever your objective, how you deal with it when you get there is up to you. Yes - YOU.
Of course, no game is complete without the chance to completely arse up the opposition's best plans. And in ZomBN1 this comes in the shape of the malevolent sneak deck. You accrue sneak cards as you play, and keep them secret from other players. Then, when the moment is right, you can either bolster your own chances or nobble that of another player.

So the survivor to your left has just rolled 12 to move. Tough luck old chum; there's a tricky gradient so you can only move 6. But what's this? You've just scored 3 points for reaching your objective when the survivor to your right reveals they're file sharing with you so they get those points as well? Fortunately you've got an anonymous benefactor on your side, and he steps out the shadows to give matey a quick bullet. That'll teach her.

Remember, although it's the living against the dead, there can only be one survivor in ZomBN1.
And lastly (of the classic deck cards anyway), there's the 6 oversized survivor cards. These keep track of your player's state of health, as well as letting you know all about their background, starting position and special skills.

They've been redesigned and enlarged over the original to incorporate the wound sheets, and all survivors now have 2 special skills instead of just one.

As it turned out, once I'd hit on the number of playing cards for the game (220), I was told another 25 could be squeezed onto the master sheets without adding any extra cost to the game. I'd been daydreaming about expansions for ZomBN1 anyway, so decided to add a couple of them in by way of some extra decks.

So all of this is completely new to the game, and can be incorporated as you wish. First off there's the perks deck, comprising a dozen cards that adds 6 perks to survivors and zombies respectively. You select a set number at the start of the game, with the effects given being in effect for the whole shebang.
Next up is the nightmare deck. During a playtesting afternoon someone mentioned the idea of a Cthulu-themed BN1 which is a fantastic idea for another day, but one element I liked the sound of was a background menace that grew in strength as the players progressed.

A counter is placed on the score track, then moved further along every time a player's score reaches it. When that happens, one of 13 nightmare is triggered. Some have permanent effects while others are a one-off event, the severity of which depends on the player's score at that time.
And finally, one of the really fun things to do in the past has been personalised cards. During a pre-order trail, people could pay to have themselves or a friend put into their copy of the game. Unfortunately it's a pain getting one-off decks done that a) colour match the rest of the deck, as they're printed differently and b) don't make a printer curse you under their breath.

So this is a nice compromise - the game comes with 3 blank cards (two companion and one encounter) that you can decorate and describe youself. This way everyone gets to personalise their copy of ZomBN1 should they so fancy!
So that's everything you'll be getting in the box - a big new board, a 20 page full colour rulebook filled with examples, 38 stand-up cardboard figures, counters to keep track of everything, and 245 cards spread across 8 decks.