Important rulebook update

These rule updates are now included with every
copy of BN1. However, if you bought your game before the start of December 2016 and would like a copy of the update posted to you, just email me your postal address and I'll pop one over to you.

Without fail, no matter how often you check and recheck, no matter how many proofreaders are on the case, the occasional gremlin will creep in. In this instance two errors in the game didn't come to light til after it had all been printed and delivered.

The first error involves the rule on getting cabs. In the rulebook it is implied that getting a cab only costs £10 when you do it from a pink Station forecourt tile. It does in fact cost £10 wherever you get a cab from. Below is the correct version of the cab rules, so ignore what is written in the rulebook and go with the following instead (the board itself has the correct rules in the little reference box near the Station).

The second error concerns the Tarot Cards from the Shop deck. This is a single use card so it should say "Discard After Use" on it. However, this got left off the final version.

So when you've used the Tarot Cards to steal a Sneak card from another player, it is then discarded.

This new rule information is now being bundled with the game (we got the leaflets printed as soon as we spotted it).