With personalised Survivors, you can put yourself or any of your friends and family into your copy of ZomBN1 as playable characters, making yours a unique edition of the game. It also makes a smashing present for somebody.

What you get is a full-colour quality printed card like the one to the
left (12x10cm) containing your Survivor's name, age, profession (real
or imagined), back story and special skills. You'll also get a matching stand-up cardboard figure with the same artwork as the card, and the original ink drawing.

Then, when you're playing ZomBN1, you can opt to play as one of
your personalised Survivors. So you and your family or friends can be battling the zombies (and one another) together! Settle old scores across the gaming table, or forge new bonds.

Personalised Survivors cost £10 and can be bought from the
Shop page. When you've bought them, I'll get in touch with you about getting photos to draw from, plus anything about who the card is intended for that can be incorporated into their back story and special skills. Things such as hobbies, interests, particular traits and favourite places in Brighton are good starting points.

There's no limit to how many personalised Survivors you can have with your game, and the deadline is the 10th December. The cards will be finished, printed and ready for the 16th at the latest, so they'll be in time for Christmas, even allowing for postage.

You can order personalised Survivors from the Shop page.